A.    Appointment And Qualifications: Firefighters and probationary firefighters shall be appointed by the fire chief in accordance with guidelines approved by the council. The fire chief shall prepare and maintain minimum standards of qualifications which shall serve as the basis for consideration of appointment as a paid on call firefighter.
   B.    Probationary Period; Discharge: Upon confirmation of appointment, a firefighter shall serve an eighteen (18) month probationary period. At any time during the probationary period, a firefighter may be discharged with or without grounds.
   C.    Standards: A firefighter shall remain a member of the fire department, provided:
      1.    He maintains an adequate attendance record for drills and calls.
      2.    He is not suspended by the chief for more than thirty (30) days in any calendar year.
      3.    He maintains the minimum qualifications and follows the adopted policies of the fire chief and the fire department.
   D.    Benefits: The city shall provide for all firefighters:
      1.    Workers' compensation insurance.
      2.    Membership in the voluntary firefighters benefit association of Minnesota for each member of the department. (Ord. 1118, 6-20-2005)