A.    The fire chief shall have control and responsibility of all fire department functions and all firefighting apparatus, and is responsible for its care and condition.
   B.    The fire chief is responsible for the proper training and discipline of the members of the fire department and may suspend any member for refusal or neglect to obey orders. The city council shall discharge a firefighter only upon the recommendation of the fire chief to the city administrator and the city administrator to the city council.
   C.    The fire chief shall prepare and submit other reports, requests and documents to the city administrator as deemed necessary or advisable, or as requested by the administrator.
   D.    The fire chief shall work under the general supervision of the city administrator.
   E.    The fire chief shall designate an assistant fire chief or other officer who shall be in charge in case of absence or temporary disability of the fire chief. In the event the fire chief cannot, will not or fails to make such appointment, the city administrator shall make such appointment. (Ord. 1118, 6-20-2005)
   F.    The fire chief shall report each suspension of a member of the fire department as soon as possible to the city administrator for transmission to the city council for its confirmation or denial at the first regular meeting occurring not more than ten (10) days after such suspension. (Ord. 1318, 6-13-2016)
   G.    The fire chief shall be responsible for the enforcement of all the provisions of title 9, chapter 2, "Fire Prevention Code", of this code. (Ord. 1118, 6-20-2005)