A.   Collection Required:
      1.   No person shall allow the storage for more than fourteen (14) calendar days of mixed municipal solid waste on premises owned or occupied by that person, unless the premises is a licensed sanitary landfill.
      2.   No person shall deposit or allow the deposit of demolition debris, construction debris or mixed municipal solid waste from any source in any place other than a sanitary landfill, demolition landfill, or a county designated facility.
      3.   All persons shall make provisions for collection of mixed municipal solid waste or construction debris by means of a licensed collector unless the conditions as stated in subsection 8-6-2A2 of this chapter are met.
      4.   No licensee shall place collection containers at any residential unit unless the person who owns or controls the residential unit has first consented, in writing, to the placement of the collection containers or has otherwise contracted with the licensee for collection of mixed municipal solid waste for that particular residential unit.
   B.   Containers:
      1.   All mixed municipal solid waste shall be stored in containers which shall be watertight and shall have tightfitting lids. Said containers shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner. Any mixed municipal solid waste which, by its size or bulk, cannot be stored in a container shall be secured to the ground in such a manner to prevent the scattering of the mixed municipal solid waste by animals or wind.
      2.   The containers mentioned in subsection B1 of this section shall be kept near the building using the containers or in an enclosed area or garage. Containers shall not be allowed to sit at the curb for more than twelve (12) hours prior to collection by a licensed collector and shall be removed from the curb within twelve (12) hours after collection. (Ord. 1168, 11-13-2007; amd. Ord. 1324, 10-10-2016; Ord. 1394, 12-14-2020)