11-1-5: VARIANCES:
   A.   Permitted Variances:
      1.   Hardship Cases: The design standards in this title are to be followed unless the city council shall permit a variance because of unusual hardship due to the topography, placement of buildings or other factors making it reasonable to vary the standards set forth herein without nullifying the intent and purpose of the comprehensive plan or this title. (Ord. 1038, 7-8-2002)
      2.   Large Scale Developments: The standards and requirements of this title may be modified by the city council in the case of a plan and program for a neighborhood unit which, in the judgment of the city council, will provide adequate public spaces and improvements for the circulation, recreation, light, air and service needs of the tract when fully developed and populated, and which will also provide such covenants or other legal provisions as will assure conformity to and achievement of the plan. (Ord. 1038, 7-8-2002; amd. 2008 Code)
   B.   Conditions Of Variances: In granting variances and modifications, the city council may require such conditions as will, in its judgment, secure substantially the objective of the standards or requirements so varied or modified. (Ord. 1038, 7-8-2002)