A.   Accessory dwelling units (ADU) may be permitted as an accessory use to a single family dwelling in the A, E-1, E-2, R-1A, R-1B and R-1C Zoning Districts subject to the following:
      1.   A rental license for the non-owner-occupied unit shall be obtained if required by this Code.
      2.   Each accessory dwelling unit shall require a City registration.
      3.   An accessory dwelling unit shall be clearly a subordinate part of the single-family dwelling. In no case shall the ADU be more than one thousand (1,000) square feet, nor less than two hundred fifty (250) square feet.
      4.   An accessory dwelling unit may be permitted within a detached accessory structure provided the lot size on which the unit would be located is one acre or greater and provided the ADU shares the same septic system and well as the principal unit in areas not served by Municipal sewer and water. The ADU is not allowed its own private septic system and well.
      5.   No more than one accessory dwelling unit shall be allowed on a lot.
      6.   The property owner must reside in either the primary residence or the ADU as their permanent residence.
      7.   An ADU may not be subdivided or otherwise segregated in ownership from the primary residence structure.
      8.   The exterior design of an accessory dwelling unit shall incorporate a similar architectural style, roof pitch, colors, and materials as the principal building on the lot, and shall be compatible with the character of the surrounding residential buildings.
      9.   The total number of occupants in the accessory dwelling unit shall not exceed three (3) persons.
      10.   Lots with accessory dwelling units shall provide at least two (2) off-street parking spaces in addition to the one off-street parking space required for the primary residence.
      11.   Accessory dwelling units in combination with their associated single family dwelling unit must conform to all City Code requirements for single family dwellings, including but not limited to setback, height, impervious surface and accessory structure standards.
      12.   The accessory dwelling unit and the associated single-family dwelling unit must meet current State Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Fire Code provisions including fire emergency vehicle access to any accessory dwelling unit.
      13.   An accessory dwelling unit in a detached accessory structure shall have a separate address from the principal dwelling unit on the lot and shall be identified with address numbers assigned by the City and pursuant to size and location regulations of this Code. (Ord. 1358, 10-8-2018)