A.   Permitted; Compliance Required; Time Constraints: Election signs are permitted on private property, provided such signs are in compliance with both state and county regulations and are removed within ten (10) days following the election related to the sign. No election sign shall be permitted sooner than six (6) months preceding the election relating to the sign.
   B.   Location:
      1.   Election signs are not required to maintain setbacks from property lines, though they are not permitted within street rights of way.
      2.   No election sign is permitted to be affixed to a vacant building.
      3.   Election signs are permitted to be affixed to fences.
      4.   No election sign may be placed where it would obstruct the safe view from any driveway, and no election sign may be located on the outside corner of any corner lot. The "outside corner" shall be defined as the area bounded by the property line (street right of way), and a line between two (2) points thirty feet (30') back in each direction from the lot corner along said property line. (Ord. 1098, 11-8-2004)