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   1.   Trees should be spaced so there will be little or no interference with their full development.  The minimum spacing shall be 25 feet for Category A; 40 feet for Category B; and 60 feet for Category C, measured from center to center on each street tree.
   2.   Trees shall not be planted closer than one-half of the minimum spacing requirement per category to the neighboring property owner’s side or rear lot line, i.e. Category A = 12.5 feet; Category B = 20 feet; Category C = 30 feet.
   3.   No impervious material shall be placed nearer than 24 inches to the trunk of the tree.
   4.   No street tree shall be planted nearer than two and one-half feet from the curb or the inside existing or potential sidewalk line and centered in parkings if possible.  This eliminates all tree plantings in the parkings under nine feet in width.
   5.   No street tree shall be planted closer than 25 feet from the ends of the street radii at intersections, or closer than 10 feet to the edge of a driveway.  No street tree shall be planted within 10 feet of any fire hydrant.
   6.   The minimum spacing from a light standard or transmission pole shall be 10 feet for Category A; 20 feet for Category B, and 30 feet for Category C measured from center of street tree to standard or pole.
   7.   The City shall not allow the planting of street trees in the City parking within five horizontal feet of the exterior dimension of any sanitary sewer, storm sewer or water lines; and it may only be the type listed in this chapter under Category A.
   8.   Street trees planted under power lines may only be the type listed in this chapter under Category A.
   9.   The City reserves the right to restrict the planting of trees if there are too many other underground utilities in the parking such as gas, phone, etc.
   10.   Category A and B trees may be used in Category C plantings as can Category A be planted in Category B.
   11.   As new tree species are introduced, they will be added to these lists.
   12.   A variety of street trees planted along City blocks shall be encouraged and enforced by the Building Official.
   13.   All street trees shall be of nursery stock unless previously approved by the Building Official.