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No person shall plant, move, or remove any tree in any street parking, boulevard, parking, or public place in the City or cause such action to be done by others without first obtaining a written permit from the Building Official in accordance with the following:
   1.   Exemption.  A permit is not required for planting flowers in parkings.  Only flowers with a maximum height of 30 inches or less may be planted in any street parking, boulevard or cul-de-sac.  However, flowers planted in the 25-foot radius of intersections shall not exceed 24 inches above the centerline.
   2.   Residential or Agricultural Permits.  An application for a residential or agricultural permit shall be accompanied by a plan or drawing which shall accurately show:
      A.   The property of the applicant adjacent to the street parking upon which a permit to plant is sought, along with the existing public sidewalk, street, parking area, and curb located between the applicant’s property line and the outside edge of the curb, all of which shall be to a definite indicated scale.
      B.   The species and location of each tree proposed to be planted and of those trees already existing in the street parking and within 20 feet of the proposed tree planting, also in definite scale.
      C.   The location of any fire hydrant, utility pole, traffic sign, street light pole, mail box and/or other obstructions located upon the street parking, all of which shall be in scaled relation to the other information required.
   3.   Commercial or Industrial Permits.  Street trees may be planted in hard-surfaced (e.g. concrete) street parkings provided they are a minimum of three feet from the inside edge of the curb, and that before any street tree may be planted, the owner of the property abutting said parking must first make application for and secure a permit from the Building Official as hereinafter provided.  A conceptual plan showing planting design in relation to the surrounding area, i.e. City Square, shopping mall, may also be required.  If concrete or other hard surface does not run continuously from the curb to the sidewalk, then the provisions governing residential or agricultural permits shall apply.  The City may plant trees in this area at the direction of the Council.  Application data shall include:
      A.   Local address of the applicant’s property which abuts the street parking upon which a permit to plant is sought.
      B.   The species, number, height and trunk diameter of each tree proposed to be planted.
      C.   Any additional information which the Building Official shall deem is reasonably necessary to enable the making of a fair determination of whether or not a permit should be issued hereunder.