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The following are excluded from the application of this chapter.
   1.   Newspapers. Persons delivering, collecting for or selling subscriptions to newspapers.
   2.   Club Members. Members of local civic and service clubs, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, 4-H Clubs, Future Farmers of America and similar organizations and youth groups.
   3.   Local Residents and Farmers. Local residents and farmers who offer for sale their own produce on private property.
   4.   Students. Students representing the Indianola School District conducting projects sponsored by organizations recognized by the school.
   5.   Route Sales. Route delivery persons who only incidentally solicit additional business or make special sales.
   6.   Resale or Institutional Use. Persons customarily calling on businesses or institutions for the purposes of selling products for resale or institutional use.
   7.   City sponsored and/or community events held on City property.