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The Clerk or the Police Chief may summarily suspend or revoke any license issued under this chapter by issuance of personal service of the Notice of Revocation on the licensee or on an officer or employee of the licensee or, if personal service cannot be effected, by mailing the Notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the licensee’s last known mailing address for the following reasons:
   1.   Fraudulent Statements. The licensee has made fraudulent statements in the application for the license or in the conduct of the business.
   2.   Violation of Law. The licensee has violated this chapter; including conduct prohibited by Section 122.20, or has otherwise conducted the business in an unlawful manner.
   3.   Endangered Public Welfare, Health or Safety. The licensee has conducted the business in such manner as to endanger the public welfare, safety, order or morals.
The license shall stand revoked unless, within five days after receipt of the Notice of Revocation from the Clerk, the licensee files a written request for a public hearing on the revocation.