Upon the declaration of a water shortage or emergency, the Town Manager or Utility Director is authorized and directed to implement conservation measures by ordering the restricted use or absolute curtailment of the use of water for certain nonessential purposes for the duration of the water shortage or emergency in the manner hereinafter set out. In exercising this discretionary authority, and making the determinations set forth herein, the Town Manager or Utility Director shall give due consideration to stream flow conditions, water levels, available/usable storage on hand, draw-down rates and the projected supply capability in the town; system purification and pumping capacity; daily water consumption and consumption projections of the system’s customers; prevailing and forecasted weather conditions; fire service requirements; pipeline conditions, including breakages, stoppages and leaks; supplementary source data; estimates of minimum essential supplies to preserve public health and safety and such other data pertinent to the past, current and projected water demands.
(1996 Code, § 172-25)  (Ord. passed 3-9-2010)