(A)   During the continued existence of climatic, hydrological and other extraordinary conditions, the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the town may require that certain uses of water, not essential to public health, safety and welfare, be reduced, restricted or curtailed. As the shortage of raw or potable water becomes increasingly more critical, conservation measures to reduce consumption or curtail nonessential water use may be necessary. The definitions, water emergency criteria and water use restrictions referenced in this subchapter are presented in greater detail in the Mount Rogers Planning District Commission Drought Response and Contingency Plan, which is incorporated herein by reference.
   (B)   The Town Manager or Utility Director is authorized to declare a water emergency in the town restricting the use of water in the town service area. All water stages are built upon and require compliance with previous water stages. For example, when a drought emergency is declared, all provisions of a drought warning are in effect. Also, the Town Manager or Utility Director may declare any of the three stages; they do not have to be declared sequentially.
(1996 Code, § 172-23)  (Ord. passed 3-9-2010)