(A)   All nonelected city offices shall be created by ordinance which shall specify:
      (1)   Title of office;
      (2)   Powers and duties of office;
      (3)   Oath of office;
      (4)   Bond, if required; and
      (5)   Compensation.
   (B)   With the exception of the Police Chief and all city police officers, all nonelected city officers shall be appointed by the Mayor with approval of City Council.  The Police Chief and all city police officers shall be appointed by the Mayor at will and such appointments need not be approved by City Council.
   (C)   Non-elected officers of the city may be removed from office by the Mayor only for some reasonable cause, and only after a due process hearing in regards thereto, with any necessary factual determinations made by an unbiased and impartial attorney, appointed by the City Council from the membership of the Kentucky Bar Association.
(Ord. 1996-0-16, passed 9-10-96)
   (D)   The following are nonelected city offices:
      (1)   City Administrator.
      (2)   City Clerk.
      (3)   Police Chief
      (4)   Zoning Administrator.
(Ord. 1995-0-16, passed 9-12-95; Am. Ord 2000-0-13, passed 8-7-00; Am. Ord. 2000-0-14, passed 8-7-00)
Statutory reference:
   Nonelected city offices, see KRS 83A.080(1),(2)