Every officer and employee of the city and every city agency shall comply with the following standards of conduct:
   (A)   No officer or employee, or any immediate family member of any officer or employee, shall have an interest in a business or engage in any business, transaction or activity which is in substantial conflict with the proper discharge of the officer's or employee's public duties.
   (B)   No officer or employee shall intentionally use or attempt to use his official position with the city to secure unwarranted privileges or advantages for himself or others.
   (C)   No officer or employee shall be deemed in violation of any provision in this section if, by reason of the officer's or employee's participation, vote, decision, action or inaction, no financial benefit accrues to the officer or employee, a family member, an outside employer, a member of any business, occupation, profession, or other group, to any greater extent than any gain could reasonably be expected to accrue to any other member of the business, occupation, profession, or other group.
   (D)   Every officer or employee who has a prohibited financial interest which the officer or employee believes or has reason to believe may be affected by his participation, vote, decision or other action taken within the scope of his public duties shall disclose the precise nature and value of the interest, in writing, to the governing body of the city or city agency served by the officer or employee, and the disclosure shall be entered on the official record of the proceedings of the governing body. The officer or employee shall refrain from taking any action with respect to the matter that is the subject of the disclosure.
(Ord. 1994-0-30, passed 12-13-94)