(A)   A public agency may conduct any meeting through video teleconference.
   (B)   Notice of a video teleconference shall comply with the requirements of KRS 61.820 or 61.823 as appropriate, in addition the notice of a video teleconference shall:
      (1)   Clearly state that the meeting will be a video teleconference; and
      (2)  Precisely identify a primary location of the video teleconference where all members can be seen and heard and the public may attend in accordance with KRS 61.840.
   (C)   The same procedure with regard to participation, distribution of materials, and other matters shall apply in all video teleconference locations.
   (D)   Any interruption in the video or audio broadcast of a video teleconference at any location shall result in the suspension of the video teleconference until the broadcast is restored.
(KRS 61.826)