(A)   No outbuildings, or accessory structures are allowed on any lot in the city; with the exception that a child's playhouse not larger than 120 square feet is allowed; as are other types of play structures, such as swing and play sets. No such play structures are allowed past the front wall of any residence. No utility connection of any type may be allowed in a child's playhouse.
   (B)   No outside clothes drying lines are allowed on any lot in the city.
   (C)   No window-unit air conditioners are allowed on any lot in the city.
   (D)   No above-ground swimming pools are allowed on any lot in the city, with the exception that a "kiddy" pool of no more than 100 square feet is allowed, temporarily. No hot tubs are allowed to be placed beyond the front wall of the principal structure.
   (E)   No dumpsters (i.e. storage container units designed for waste materials), not including any of the containers provided by or approved for use by the city for its regular garbage collection, yard waste and recycling; or other non-waste temporary storage units may be allowed in the single-family residential areas of the city, except as set out herein:
      (1)    Temporary storage units and temporary dumpster units shall be allowed only upon the issuance of a permit by the city. There shall be no fee for permits.
      (2)   Each permit application must be filled out and signed by the owners of the lot on which the temporary storage unit is to be located and contain all relevant contact information for both the owners and the company from which the unit is to be rented. The permit application shall be accompanied by a drawing showing where the unit is to be located and whenever possible, the unit must be located on the lot behind the rear wall of the principal structure and on a hard surface. The unit cannot be located in any required rear, front or side yard. If the lot configuration makes it impossible for the storage unit to be so placed, a case by case review of the placement shall be made by the City Administrative Officer, or other person designated to enforce City ordinances as to whether to issue a special permit for another location on the lot, or adjacent to the lot, given due regard to the public health, safety and aesthetics.
      (3)   No unit may be used to contain any hazardous material. Any possible hazardous material must be disclosed to the city at the time the permit application is made for review by the City Administrative Officer, or other person designated to enforce city ordinances by the City Commission, prior to the issuance of any permit.
      (4)   Units must be in good condition, with no significant rust or deterioration. They cannot be greater than eight feet in height, ten feet in width and 20 feet in length. No more than two can be placed on any residential lot at one time. No unit shall be allowed to overflow with material and shall be dumped as soon as practicable after filling, but in no event may a unit sit filled for more than seven days. No debris can be left on the ground and on the lot around the unit and the area around the unit must be kept in a clean and uncluttered condition.
      (5)   Permits are good for a period of 30 days. At the expiration of the 30-day period, applicants may seek to extend their permits for an additional 30 days by seeking an extension for cause from the city.
      (6)   Exception. In the case of emergencies, such as floods, wind storms, fires or other acts of God, or man-made disasters, the City Administrative Officer, or other person designated to enforce city ordinances by the City Commission shall be allowed to suspend the enforcement of the restrictions as to dumpsters and temporary storage units as to the city as a whole, or areas of the city, for a time period appropriate for the community to deal with such emergency conditions.
(Ord. 09-07, passed 8-11-09)