A.   Each grantee shall prepare reports as the city may reasonably request to monitor compliance with the terms hereof and of the grantee's franchise.
   B.   By January 31 of each year, each grantee shall provide the city with a detailed statement of revenues derived in connection with the provision of video services in the city, sworn as accurate by an officer of the grantee, which statement shall identify:
      1.   The number of subscribers, by category of service;
      2.   Service revenues, by category of service;
      3.   Equipment revenues, by category of equipment;
      4.   Other revenues, identifying the source of the revenues;
      5.   The amount of any deduction from gross revenues, identifying the reason for the deduction, and the manner in which it was calculated;
      6.   If revenues are allocated among the city and other entities (as may be the case with regional advertising revenues), the total revenues, and the manner in which the revenues were allocated.
   C.   The report shall be in a form the city prescribes, or if there is no form, in a form consistent with the manner in which grantee maintains its books and records. (Ord. 2009-08, 7-16-2009)