A.   Involuntary Disconnection: Before an involuntary disconnection of a subscriber's service takes place, the following must occur:
      1.   The subscriber shall in fact be delinquent in payment at least forty five (45) days after the posting of the bill before notice of disconnection may be given;
      2.   Notice shall be by separate written advice of impending disconnection that may be mailed or personally served upon the subscriber before disconnection;
      3.   If notice is given by personal service, at least five (5) days must elapse before disconnection after the subscriber has either signed for or refused to accept personally served written notice of impending disconnection;
      4.   If notice is given by mail, at least ten (10) days shall be elapsed after the date of mailing such notice before disconnection.
   B.   Notice Of Disconnection: The written notice of disconnection must expressly and clearly state the amount that is owed by the subscriber to the grantee, the minimum amount required to be paid to avoid disconnection, and the date and place where such payment must be made. Disconnection of service and retrieval of equipment must occur both on a normal service day and within normal business hours of grantee. Receipt of a "bad check" from a subscriber, in response to a written notice of disconnection, does not constitute payment, and the affected grantee need not give the subscriber further notice prior to disconnection of service. A grantee may add a reasonable collection charge to a subscriber's bill. (Ord. 2009-08, 7-16-2009)