A.   Acceptance Required: No franchise agreement shall become effective for any purpose unless and until an ordinance is passed by the city approving the franchise agreement. No franchise shall be effective until accepted unconditionally by the grantee. Grantee shall be deemed to have unconditionally accepted a franchise by signing a franchise agreement countersigned by the city.
   B.   Subject To General Ordinance Provisions: Any franchise agreement granted is hereby made subject to the general ordinance provisions of this chapter and title 7, chapters 4 and 8 of this code.
   C.   Right Of Police Power: Grantee's rights are subject to the police powers of the city to adopt and enforce ordinances necessary to the health, safety and welfare of the public. Grantee shall comply with all laws and ordinances enacted by the city pursuant to that power. No franchise shall be interpreted in a manner that limits a grantee's obligations under this section. (Ord. 2009-08, 7-16-2009)