A.   Continuation: A nonconforming use of a conforming structure, or noncomplying structure legally existing when such use became prohibited, may be continued. A vacant noncomplying structure may be occupied by a use for which the noncomplying structure was designed or intended if so occupied within a period of six (6) months after the use became nonconforming. (Ord. 03-5-1, 5-1-2003, eff. 6-1-2003; amd. Ord. 2005-15, 7-21-2005)
   B.   Expansion Within A Conforming Building: A nonconforming use existing within a portion of a conforming building may be expanded to include the entire floor area of such building provided such expansion:
      1.   Does not include any structural alteration;
      2.   Creates no noise, odor, or vibration; and
      3.   Otherwise conforms to the requirements of this title.
   C.   Nonconforming Use Of Open Land: A nonconforming use of open land may be continued provided such nonconforming use shall not be expanded or extended into any other portion of a conforming building or open land, and no structures, additions, alterations, or enlargements thereto shall be made thereon, except those required by law.
   D.   Expansion Of Outdoor Nonconforming Use: A nonconforming use of a lot where the principal use is not enclosed within a building, such as a salvage yard or a motor vehicle sales lot, shall not be expanded except in conformity with the requirements of this title. (Ord. 03-5-1, 5-1-2003, eff. 6-1-2003)