The following requirements shall apply to any application required by this title:
   A.   Application Forms: Applications shall be submitted on forms provided by the zoning administrator and in such numbers as reasonably required by the zoning administrator for a particular type of application.
   B.   City Initiated Applications: The planning commission or city council may initiate any action under this title without an application from a property owner. Notice, hearing and other procedural requirements of this chapter shall apply to an application initiated by the city.
   C.   Development Review Sequence: No subdivision, site plan or other development application shall be considered unless:
      1.   The approval which is requested in the application is allowed by the zone existing on the subject property; or
      2.   Where permitted by this title, the application is submitted simultaneously with a proposed zoning map amendment that would allow the proposal.
   D.   Accurate Information: All documents, plans, reports, studies and information provided to the city by an applicant in accordance with the requirements of this title shall be accurate and complete.
   E.   Determination Of Complete Application: After receipt of an application, the zoning administrator shall determine whether the application is complete. If the application is not complete, the zoning administrator shall notify the applicant in writing and shall:
      1.   Specify the deficiencies of the application;
      2.   State the additional information which must be supplied; and
      3.   Advise the applicant that no further action will be taken on the application until the deficiencies are corrected.
   F.   Fees: When an application is filed the applicant shall pay to the city the fee associated with such application as provided in the fee schedule adopted by the city council. Any application not accompanied by a required fee shall be returned to the applicant as incomplete.
      1.   Fees shall be nonrefundable except as provided in subsection G of this section.
      2.   Fees shall not be required for applications initiated by the city.
   G.   Remedy Of Deficiencies: If an applicant fails to correct specified deficiencies within thirty (30) days after notification thereof the city may deem the application to be withdrawn. If the application is deemed withdrawn, the application and any associated fee shall be returned to the applicant upon request; provided, however, the city may deduct from the application fee the cost of determining completeness of the application.
   H.   Decision Date: The effective date of a decision or recommendation made under the provisions of this title shall be the date of the meeting or hearing in which the decision or recommendation is made by the decision making body or official.
   I.   Extensions Of Time: Unless otherwise prohibited by this title, upon written request and for good cause shown, any decision making body or official having authority to grant approval of an application may, without any notice or hearing, grant extensions of any time limit imposed by this title on such application, its approval, or the applicant. The total period of time granted by any such extension or extensions shall not exceed twice the length of the original time period. (Ord. 03-5-1, 5-1-2003, eff. 6-1-2003)