No person shall engage in, participate in, aid, form or start any large event, unless an event permit shall have been obtained from the city recorder. This chapter shall not apply to the following or any other event exempted by the city council at a regular meeting of the council at which a quorum is present:
   A.   A funeral procession;
   B.   Students going to and from school classes. Also school sponsored activities, providing such conduct is under the immediate direction and supervision of the proper school authorities;
   C.   A governmental agency event related to the agency acting within the scope of its functions such as informational meetings, public meetings, and open houses;
   D.   A yard sale held according to the exemption in subsection 10-48-3C of this code;
   E.   Hurricane City sponsored Peach Days or Fourth Of July celebrations;
   F.   Church sponsored activities if held on church owned property;
   G.   Events held at the regional park where the park management notifies appropriate city departments and requires event organizers to provide their own security if needed;
   H.   Family reunions or other private events at a city park (not including the Community Center or Community Center grounds) provided they do not require additional city personnel; and
   I.   Pioneer Day celebrations. (Ord. 2012-01, 2-2-2012)