A.   Prima Facie Speed; Designated Streets:
      1.   Streets With Signs: When appropriate street signs giving notice of the maximum permitted speed thereon are erected, the prima facie speed limits designated upon said signs shall apply to the appropriate streets or portions of streets so posted.
   B.   Authority To Erect Stop Or Yield Signs: Whenever any ordinance of this City designates and describes a through street, it shall be the duty of the chief law enforcement officer or the Superintendent of Streets to place and maintain a stop sign or, where safety and efficiency require at any intersection, a yield sign on each and every street intersecting such through street, unless traffic at such intersection is controlled at all times by traffic control signals. However, at the intersection of two (2) through streets or at the intersection of a through street and a heavily traveled street, stop signs shall be erected at approaches to either streets as determined by the chief law enforcement officer on the basis of an engineering and traffic study.
   C.   Penalty: Any person violating, causing or permitting violation of any provisions of this section shall be guilty of an offense as provided in the State of Utah codes. (Ord. 2017-02, 1-5-2017)