A.   Register Of Arrest: The Chief of Police shall provide and cause to be kept a register of arrest. Upon such register shall be entered a statement showing the date of such arrest, the name of the person arrested, the name of the arresting officer, the offense charged and a description of any property found upon the person arrested. (1998 Code § 13-10-1-04)
   B.   Property Taken From Arrested Person; Receipts: When money or other property is taken from a person arrested upon a charge of a public offense, the officer taking it must at the time issue triplicate receipts therefor, specifying particularly the amount of money or kind of property taken. One of the receipts he must deliver to the person arrested. Another he must forthwith file with the Clerk of the Court to which the complaint and other papers in the case are required by law to be sent. The third receipt must be sent at once to the office of the Police Department. (1998 Code § 13-10-1-05)
   C.   Register Of Property: The Chief of Police must enter or cause to be entered in or to record a description of every article of property alleged to be stolen or embezzled and brought into his office or taken from the person of a prisoner and must attach a number to each article and make a corresponding entry thereof. (1998 Code § 13-10-1-06)