A.   Chief Of Police:
      1.   Refer to Utah Code Annotated sections 10-3-913 through 10-3-915.
      2.   He shall organize, supervise and be responsible for all the activities of the Police Department and shall define and assign the duties of the different police officers.
      3.   He shall, when required, attend meetings of the City Council to consult with and advise them on matters of public safety. He shall execute all lawful orders of the Mayor and City Council and see that all orders and judgments of the Justice of the Peace are carried into effect. (1998 Code § 13-10-1-02)
   B.   Officers: The Chief of Police and all police officers of the City shall have the following powers and duties in addition to those that may be assigned to them as above provided:
      1.   To suppress riots, disturbances and breaches of the peace, and to apprehend all persons committing any offense against the laws of the State or ordinances of the City.
      2.   To execute and serve all warrants, processes, commitments and writs whatsoever issued by the Justice of the Peace.
      3.   To preserve the public peace, prevent crime, detect and arrest offenders, protect persons and property, remove nuisances existing in the public streets, roads, highways and other public places, enforce every law relating to the suppression of offenses, render such assistance in the collection of licenses as may be required by the license collector and perform all duties enjoined upon them by law and ordinance. (1998 Code § 13-10-1-03)