Weeds shall be maintained through mowing, tilling, or chemicals so they do not create a public nuisance as described in 4-3-1.A.
   A.   Disposal: Weeds that are rototilled, disked, or removed by the root must be buried under the soil, removed from the property or composted. Weeds may not be left in piles on vacant property.
   B.   Exception: If a property exceeds five (5) acres in area or has difficulties in weed eradication due to topography and is not in close proximity to buildings or in a situation that does not create a fire hazard to surrounding properties, the weeds shall be maintained, mowed or sprayed for thirty feet (30') from all property lines, public rights of way, structure(s), utilities and fifteen feet (15') from all fire protection devices.
   C.   Agricultural Use of Property Exempt: The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to any property used for agricultural purposes, as defined herein, provided that such agricultural use is conducted in accordance with sound agricultural practices and does not violate any federal or state law regulating weed control.  (Ord. 2011-7, 7-21-2011; amd. Ord. 2020-22, 11-5-2020)