A.   Each lodging unit held out for public accommodation must comply with the minimum rules established by the Utah department of health.
   B.   It shall be unlawful to rent, lease, or otherwise hold out for public accommodation any transient lodging facility unit which does not have:
      1.   A complete operable bathroom, including flush toilet, sink, and bath or shower in working order; and
      2.   For each guest, an adequate daily supply of at least the following sanitary supplies:
         a.   Hot and cold running water,
         b.   Soap,
         c.   Towels,
         d.   Toilet paper,
         e.   Clean linen.
   C.   Each transient lodging facility shall be cleaned after the departure of each guest and before the arrival of any subsequent guest. (Ord. 2015-2, 2-19-2015)