A.   A current, valid business license shall be posted in a conspicuous place in each transient lodging facility.
   B.   A register of all guests shall be kept at all times on the transient lodging facility premises except vacation rentals. The guest register shall contain in ink the following information about each guest for which the transient lodging facility affords accommodations:
      1.   Name and permanent address.
      2.   Dates of arrival at the transient lodging facility and departure from the transient lodging facility.
      3.   License plate number, state of licensure, make, type and color of all motor vehicles.
      4.   Verification of a form of picture identification, including, but not limited to, driver's license, passport, or state issued identification card showing current name, address, and age of person registering and indicating which type of identification was verified and the identification number shown on said identification.
   C.   The guest register required by this section shall be kept current and shall be immediately available at all times for inspection upon the demand of police officers or city officials.
   D.   Vacation rental business license owners must keep an accurate register of all guests containing all the above information that can be provided upon the demand of police or emergency services personnel or city officials. (Ord. 2015-2, 2-19-2015)