A.   Every person soliciting or advocating shall check each residence for any "no soliciting" sign or placard or any other notice or sign notifying a solicitor not to solicit on the premises, such as, but not limited to, "no solicitation" signs. If such sign or placard is posted, such solicitor shall desist from any efforts to solicit at the residence or dwelling and shall immediately depart from such property. Possession of a certificate of registration does not in any way relieve any solicitor of this duty.
   B.   It is a violation of this chapter for any person soliciting or advocating to knock on the door, ring the doorbell, or in any other manner attempt to attract the attention of an occupant of a residence that bears a "no solicitation" sign or similar sign or placard for the purpose of engaging in or attempting to engage in advocating a home solicitation sale, door to door soliciting, or soliciting.
   C.   It is a violation of this chapter for any solicitor through ruse, deception, or fraudulent concealment of a purpose to solicit, to take action calculated to secure an audience with an occupant at a residence.
   D.   Any solicitor who is at any time asked by an occupant of a residence or dwelling to leave shall immediately and peacefully depart.
   E.   Without the consent of a person, the solicitor shall not:
      1.   Intentionally or recklessly touch or make any physical contact with the person, and
      2.   Intentionally or recklessly spray, spread, affix, or otherwise apply any foreign substance to the property of the person.
   F.   The solicitor shall not follow a person into a residence without their explicit consent.
   G.   The solicitor shall not continue repeated soliciting after a person and/or competent individual has communicated clearly and unequivocally their lack of interest in the subject, goods or services of the solicitor.
   H.   The solicitor shall not use obscene language or gestures. (Ord. 2006-28, 10-5-2006)