(A)   The city hereby creates an auxiliary police force to be known as the police reserves.
   (B)   The number of the police reserves may not exceed 12 members. The police reserves shall be appointed in the same manner and by the same authority that appoints regular members of the Police Department.
   (C)   The police reserves shall not be members of the regular police force, but shall have all of the same police powers of those members,  except as limited by the rules of the Police Department.  The Police Department is authorized to adopt rules and regulations limiting the authority of the police reserves.
   (D)   The police reserves may not participate in any pension program provided for regular members of the Department, nor shall members of the police reserves receive a uniform allowance or compensation for time lost from other employment because of court appearances or other police business, nor be insured for life, accident, and sickness coverage.
   (E)   No police reserves shall be appointed until the candidates have completed the training and probationary period specified by the rules of the Police Department and the state.
(Ord. 3-C-77, passed 3-8-77)