Since January 31, 1994, there have been precinct reconfigurations from those precincts enumerated in § 11.01 as the result of certain annexations to the city accomplished by ordinance as follows:
   Ordinance 16-C-94, adopted on July 26, 1994, with that area east of State Road #5 to be added to the precinct 4, and the remainder (west of State Road #5) to be added to precinct 6, all in Council District 1.
   Ordinance 22-C-94, adopted on December 13, 1994, to be added to Precinct 6 in Council District 1.
   Ordinance 18-C-99, adopted January 11, 2000, real estate located on the north side of the presently existing railroad right-of-way on that real estate which right-of-way was originally granted to the Wabash Railway Company, to be added to Council District 1.
   As preconfigured by those annexations, those precincts are entirely included within the city, and the reconfigured precincts, together with the precincts listed in § 11.01 and not reconfigured in this section comprise the lands included within the city, as of the most recent annexation ordinance's adoption date enumerated above in this section.
(Ord. 3-C-95, passed 4-11-95; Am. Ord. 18-C-99, passed 1-11-00)
Annexing contiguous real estate being those residences whose addresses are 3683W- 200N, 3675 - 200N, 3647W-20ON and 3635W - 20ON as well as those areas commonly known as part of Hunter's Ridge Subdivision, Valley View Mobile Home Court and Edgewild Hills near the present boundary of the city on its southwest side.
Annexing contiguous real estate being part of Tracts 3, 7, 17 and 18 in the reserve of ten sections in Huntington Township.
Annexing contiguous real estate commonly known or designated as a part of the Adolph Hauenstein Farm; Byrd's Auto Sales; the future site of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant and the land immediately north of that site; the residence of Russell and Patricia Weeks located at 230 Hauenstein Road and the rental property of Kenneth and Connie Wright on Hauenstein Road; the undeveloped acreage of Ida D. Gordon; the future site of Ness Car Wash and the present location of County Flowers and Gifts.
Annexing a tract of land located in the northwest quarter of Section 7, Township 28 North, Range 10 East, in Huntington County.
Annexing territory commonly known as much of Hunter’s Ridge, Section II and land immediately east and west of same, which land to the east encompasses a portion of Indiana Highways 9 and 37 as well as land adjacent to and east of that portion of Indiana Highways 9 and 37.
Annexing approximately 72 acres beginning at the intersection of the western boundary of the right-of-way of County Road 300 West with the southern boundary line extended of Parcel No. 0030112201 owned by Biggs, Inc.
Annexing approximately 66.1 acres starting at the Northwest corner of the Southwest Quarter of Section 23 Township 28 North Range 9 East.
Annexing approximately 35 acres beginning at the intersection of the western boundary of Parcel No. 35-05-17-400-053.001-004 extended and the boundary of the existing limits of the City of Huntington.
Disannexation of approximately 6.214 acres being part of the West Half of Section 7, Township 28 North, Range 10 East, also known as Lot No. 6 and 7 in the Primary Development Plat of Park 24 Industrial Business Technology Park, as recorded in Document No. 2004006123.