(A)   The administration of the city is hereby authorized to secure and maintain one or more credit cards in the name of the city for use by properly authorized city representatives in carrying out the business of the city and to pay a reasonable annual fee if to do so is determined to be in the city’s best interests.
   (B)   Charges shall only be made on the credit card to purchase items or services which are included and authorized in the budget of the city.  Credit cards, other than those issued exclusively for use by elected officials of this city, shall be signed out from the office of the Clerk-Treasurer no more than two business days before the card is expected to be needed and used for an authorized purpose.
   (C)   Within 72 hours of the purchase, the person using the credit card shall provide the Clerk-Treasurer with a copy of the credit card receipt with written particulars of:
      (1)   The purpose of the purchase; and
      (2)   (a)   The line item from which the purchase is to be paid; or
         (b)   An itemized list of all charges incurred and whether those are paid from different budget line items and, excepting only such elected officials, shall within that 72 hours also return the credit card to the Clerk-Treasurer's office for safe keeping.
   (D)   The City Clerk-Treasurer shall pay or challenge the charge card invoices promptly to the end that no improper charges, interest, carrying charges, or penalties will be incurred.
   (E)   No credit card issued to the city shall be used for a private or other non-city purchase.
   (F)   Appropriate discipline shall be taken by the city against any card user who improperly uses a city credit card.
   (G)   Improperly documented charges or those charges shown to be unnecessary in carrying out the city’s business and any finance charges resulting from the use of the card shall be the responsibility of the person making the charge and subject to collection as any other city claim.
(Ord. 9-C-04, passed 4-13-04; Am. Ord. 10-C-05, passed 7-12-05)