(A)   The city is not required to create lists of names and addresses unless the city is required to publish those lists and disseminate them to the public pursuant to statute. However, if the city has created a list of names and addresses it must permit a person to inspect and make memoranda abstracts from the list unless access to the list is prohibited by law. The following lists of names and addresses may not be disclosed by the city to any individual or entity for political purposes or any commercial entity for commercial purposes:
      (1)   A list of employees of the city; or
      (2)   A list of persons attending conferences or meetings at a state institution of higher education.
   (B)   A person receiving information on computer disk may not use the information for commercial purposes including to sell, advertise, or solicit the purchase of merchandise, goods, or services, or sell, loan, give away, or otherwise deliver the information obtained by the request to any other person for these purposes, however, use of the information in connection with the preparation or publication of news, for non profit activities, or for academic research is not prohibited. A person violating this subsection may be prohibited from obtaining a copy or further data on computer disk.
(Ord. 30-C-07, passed 9-11-07)