(A)   Applicability. This section shall apply to the expenditure of public funds for public purchases of supplies, equipment, goods and materials by the city and its various departments.
   (B)   Purchasing agencies. The following boards are hereby designated as the purchasing agencies for the respective departments of the city, with all of the powers and duties authorized under I.C. 5-22.
      (1)   Board of Public Works and Safety:
         (a)   Police Department.
         (b)   Fire Department.
         (c)   Wastewater Department.
         (d)   Street, Maintenance and Sanitation Department.
         (e)   Safety Department.
         (f)   Code Enforcement Department.
         (g)   Planning and Zoning Department.
         (h)   City Office Building.
      (2)   Utility Board/Common Council:
         (a)   Municipal Utilities Department.
         (b)   Mayor's Office.
         (c)   Clerk-Treasurer's Department.
         (d)   Transportation Department.
      (3)   (a)   Park and Recreation Board:
         (b)   Parks and Recreation Department.
      (4)   The purchasing agency for each department shall designate in writing the purchasing agent for such departments. The purchasing agency may also designate in writing, from time to time, additional purchasing agents as necessary.
   (C)   Purchase of services. The various purchasing agencies of the city may purchase services under I.C. 5-22 using any procedure the purchasing agency determines reasonable, and in the best interest of the city.
   (D)   Purchases under $50,000. The various purchasing agents may purchase supplies, including equipment, goods, and materials, with an estimated cost of less than $50,000; subject, however to such purchasing policies as the respective purchasing agencies of the city shall from time to time adopt in writing.
   (E)   Purchases of $50.000 or more. Purchases reasonably expected to be at least $50,000 or more shall be made in accordance with the public purchasing requirements set forth in I.C. 5-22 et seq.; provided, however, that all such purchases shall be entered into with the prior approval of the purchasing agency.
   (F)   Supplies manufactured in the United States. Supplies manufactured in the United States shall be specified for all purchases and shall be purchased unless the city determines that:
      (1)   The supplies are not manufactured in the United States in reasonably available quantities;
      (2)   The price of the supplies manufactured in the United States exceeds by an unreasonable amount the price of available and comparable supplies manufactured elsewhere;
      (3)   The quality of the supplies manufactured in the United States in substantially less than the quality of the comparably priced available supplies manufactured elsewhere; or
      (4)   The purchase of supplies manufactured in the United States is not in the public interest.
   (G)   Purchasing preferences. The purchasing agents and purchasing agencies shall observe the purchasing preferences set out in I.C. 5-22-15 et seq., when required by law.
(Ord. 2012-04, passed 1-12-2012)