(A)   The city is authorized to hold and maintain bank and/or vendor credit cards for the use of various city officials and employees for the authorized purchase of goods and services to be furnished to the city and its various departments.
   (B)   The Clerk-Treasurer of the city is hereby authorized to apply for credit cards to be issued in the name of the city for the use by the Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer, the various department heads, and such other employees as the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer shall determine essential for the effective operation of the city and its various departments.
   (C)   Physical possession of all credit cards shall be placed with the Clerk-Treasurer who shall authorize the use thereof by Mayor, Clerk-Treasurer, department heads and those employees approved by the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer, for authorized travel expenses and authorized purchases of goods and services directly related to the operation of the city and its various departments. In each instance of the use of a credit card, once the authorized purpose for which the use of the card is accomplished, physical possession of the card shall be returned to the Clerk-Treasurer who has responsibility for the safekeeping thereof.
   (D)   All claims for credit card charges must include a fully itemized invoice; be approved by the official or department head receiving the goods and services; certified by the Clerk-Treasurer that the invoice is true and correct, and allowed by the Common Council, or the board or official having jurisdiction over the allowance of payment of the claim.
   (E)   All properly documented claims for the payment of credit card charges shall be timely filed to permit timely payment without the incurrence of interest, finance charges or penalties due to late payment. Any such charges incurred due to late payment shall be the responsibility of the official or employee who failed to submit proper documentation for timely payment.
   (F)   No official, department head, or other employee of the city, shall use any credit card issued to the city for personal transactions.
(Ord. 97-03, passed 2-3-1997; Am. Ord. 2017-09, passed 3-14-2017) Penalty, see § 10.99