§ 70.99 PENALTY.
   (A)   The fine for violation of § 70.01 shall be $10 for each violation thereof; which sums shall be deposited into the General Fund of the town.
   (B)   Anyone violating § 70.02 shall be fined in an amount not less than $20 nor more than $50. Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense.
   (C)   The fine for violation or failing to comply with § 70.03 shall be $25 for each violation thereof if paid within 30 days of the notice affixed to such motor vehicle. If the violator fails to pay the fine within 30 days, the penalty shall be $50. Each day of the violation shall constitute a separate violation. The penalties herein imposed shall be payable to the Clerk-Treasurer and the funds shall be deposited into the General Fund.
   (D)   The fine for violation of § 70.05 shall be $50 for each violation thereof, which sum shall be deposited in the General Fund. Each offense shall be deemed a separate violation.
   (E)   Each violator of the restrictions and provisions of Ch. 73, Schedules I and II shall pay a fine and penalty to the town in the amount of $10, if paid within 72 hours of the date and time of issuance, and $20 thereafter for each violation. If the fine has not been paid within two weeks of the date of issuance, the violation may be prosecuted as a Class C infraction under I.C. 34-4-32-4(c), and the violator shall be obligated to pay any costs imposed by reason of the docketing in the county court in addition to the fine prescribed in this section.
(Ord. 50, passed 9-2-75; Am. Ord. 87-004, passed 6-2-87; Am. Ord. 98- 013, passed 12-7-98; Am. Ord. 06-007, passed 3-25-06; Am. Ord. 08-010, passed 11-17-08; Am. Ord. 18-005, passed 8-6-18)
   Collection of fine for violation of § 70.03, see § 31.41
Editor’s note:
   IC 34-4 was repealed by P.L. 1-1998, Sec. 221.