The City Manager may be suspended by a resolution approved by the majority of the total membership of the Council which shall set forth the reasons for suspension pending a proposed removal of the City Manager.  A copy of such resolution shall be served immediately upon the City Manager.  The City Manager shall have fifteen (15) days in which to reply thereto in writing, and upon request, shall be afforded a hearing at a public meeting, which shall occur not earlier than ten (10) days nor later than fifteen (15) days after such hearing is requested.  If a hearing is not requested by the City Manager within the fifteen (15)-day period, the removal of the City Manager is effective on the sixteenth (16th) day after service of the resolution provided for above. After the hearing, if one be requested, and after full consideration, the Council may adopt a final resolution of removal.  A final resolution of removal shall be acted upon by the Council within fifteen (15) days after the close of all testimony and arguments at the Council’s hearing and it shall be effective immediately upon its passage.  The City Manager shall continue to receive full salary until the effective date of a final resolution of removal. (Amended 11-7-00; 11-3-15)