(a)   Definition.  As used in this section, "abandoned service station" means any service station which has not been operative for at least four consecutive months in any twelve-month period.
   (b)   Declaration of Nuisance.  Every abandoned service station is hereby declared to be a nuisance affecting or endangering surrounding property values and detrimental to the public health, safety and welfare, and must be abated.
   (c)   Notice to Owner.  When the City Engineer finds that a service station is abandoned, as defined in subsection (a) hereof, he shall forthwith notify the owner of the premises of the violation of this section and shall state in such notice that the service station shall be either made operative within sixty days or that it shall be denied such use as was previously granted.
   (d)   Abatement by City Engineer.  The City Engineer is hereby authorized to take all legal measures to raze abandoned service stations and abate the nuisance.
   (e)   Additional Prohibitions.  The parking of motor vehicles or permitting weeds to grow is hereby prohibited on the grounds of any service station which has been inoperative for a period of more than sixty days.  A sign shall be placed in the window of such inoperative station to that effect. 
(Ord. 8-70.  Passed 3-16-70.)