Whenever the City of Hubbard, by and through the City of Hubbard Engineer or his/her agents or designees (collectively hereafter referred to as the Engineer) has probable cause to believe that a structure is an abandoned structure, as defined in Section 1345.01(a) of the City of Hubbard Building Code, or is insecure, unsafe or structurally defective under Sections 715.26 and 715.261 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Engineer shall make an inspection of the structure.  If, in the Engineer's opinion, arrived at by following the aforementioned code sections, the structure is deemed abandoned, insecure, unsafe or structurally defective, the Engineer shall cause written notice to be served.  At least thirty days prior to the removal, demolition or repair of any abandoned, insecure, unsafe, or structurally defective building, the City of Hubbard, or its agent pursuant to Section 715.261(E) of the Ohio Revised Code shall give notice by certified mail of its intention with respect to removal, demolition or repair to the holders of legal or equitable liens of record upon the real property upon which the structure is located and to the owners of record of such property.  The owners or lienholders shall be given a period of 30 days to finish construction or make the structure fit for habitation. An extension of this time period may be granted in writing by the Engineer if a bona fide and continuous effort has been made to correct the condition of the structure.  The owners of record of such property or the holders of liens of record upon such property may enter into an agreement with the City of Hubbard, or a county land reutilization corporation organized under Chapter 1724 of the Ohio Revised Code that is serving as the City of Hubbard's agent, to perform the removal or repair of the insecure, unsafe, or structurally defective building.  If an emergency exists, as determined by the City of Hubbard, notice may be given other than by certified mail and less than thirty days prior to such removal or repair.  If for any reason notice is not given, the lien provided for in Ohio R.C. 715.261 as a result of such removal or repair is valid but shall be subordinate to any liens of prior record.  If notice is provided in accordance with this section, a lien under Ohio R.C. 715.261 for such removal or repair is effective on the date the City of Hubbard or county land reutilization corporation incurred expenses in such removal or repair. No person shall fail to comply with such notice within the stipulated time period.
(Ord. 9-13.  Passed 6-3-13.)