(a)     As used in this chapter "abandoned structure" means any building, either constructed or in a partially constructed state, which is permitted to remain uninhabitable for a period of at least six months.  Examples of elements which shall determine whether or not a structure has been abandoned are any of the following conditions, but such determination shall not necessarily be controlled by these illustrations:  premises where a structure is located and windows are broken; or where trash is permitted to accumulate; or where grass and weeds are permitted to grow without being mowed; or where further construction is needed to make such premises habitable; or where taxes remain unpaid on such a structure.  This section does not apply to structures or buildings under construction with current and valid building permits issued by the appropriate agencies.
   (b)     Every abandoned structure, as defined in subsection (a) hereof, is hereby declared to be a nuisance in that such a structure becomes a breeding place for rats, is an attractive nuisance to the children of the City and depreciates property values of surrounding property owners. (Ord. 9-13.  Passed 6-3-13.)