§ 72.095  GOLF CARTS.
   (A)   Registration requirements.
      (1)   Golf carts to be driven on the City of Hoyt Lakes streets shall be registered with the Hoyt Lakes City Clerk's Office.
      (2)   The following information is required to register a golf cart:
         (a)   Complete a Certificate of Registration beginning May 1 of every calendar year at Hoyt Lakes City Hall, 206 Kennedy Memorial Drive.
         (b)   Provide proof of liability insurance covering operation on city streets.
         (c)   Pay a $20 registration fee, which is valid for three years of issuance.
   (B)   Rules of operation.  Registered golf carts shall be operated on City of Hoyt Lakes streets under the following conditions:
      (1)   Proof of registration. Display, at all times, the city permit sticker on the back bumper of the golf cart.
      (2)   Proper licensure. Those persons who possess a valid motor vehicle operator's license issued by a state licensing authority shall operate a golf cart. With exception, a driver's permit is acceptable as long as a licensed adult driver is present at all times. (ADULT DRIVER is defined as a person 18 years of age and over.)
      (3)   Owner liability. The owner and operator of a golf cart are liable for any injury or damage caused by the negligent operation of the golf cart. The owner of a golf cart shall be liable for any such injury or damage only if the owner was the operator of the golf cart at the time of injury or damage or if the operator had the owner's consent to drive the cart.
      (4)   Use of operation. Golf carts shall be operated on city streets from sunrise to sunset, unless the golf cart is equipped with both head and tail lights.
      (5)   Roadway operation.
         (a)   No person shall ride on, and no operator shall allow a person to ride on, a golf cart, or any portion thereof, not designed or intended for the conveyance of passengers. OR Golf carts, or any portion thereof, shall be rode and operated as designed and intended for the conveyance of passengers.
         (b)   Golf carts are restricted to city streets. Golf carts shall not be operated in any park, playground or upon any other city-owned property, unless the property is used for ATV, snowmobile operation.
         (c)   Golf carts shall be driven as close as practical to the right-hand edge of any city street, except when executing a left turn.
         (d)   Golf carts shall yield the right-of-way to other motor vehicles and pedestrians at all uncontrolled intersections regardless of M.S. §§ 169.20 and 169.21.
         (e)   Golf carts shall be driven in single file.
         (f)   Golf carts may be parked upon any city street within the City of Hoyt Lakes, subject to the same terms and conditions applicable to the parking of automobiles and other motor vehicles.
         (g)   Golf carts are not allowed to operate on city sidewalks or any marked asphalt hiking and biking trails in and around the city proper.
         (h)   Any golf cart traveling to and from Fisherman's Point or to the golf course shall use the roadway to gain access.
         (i)   Fisherman's Point campers.  Seasonal campers using a golf cart as transportation shall register their golf cart with the City of Hoyt Lakes for the summer. All weekend and non-seasonal campers will be provided a copy of this section upon registration and will be exempt from registration, but must have proof of camping and follow the section.
(Ord. 219, passed 4-22-2019)