§ 152.118  SCREENING.
   (A)   Screening shall be required in residential zones where:
      (1)   Any off-street parking area contains more than four parking spaces and is within 30 feet of an adjoining residential zone; and
      (2)   Where the driveway to a parking area of more than six parking space is within 15 feet of an adjoining residential use or zone.
   (B)   Where any business or industrial use (structure, parking or storage) is adjacent to property zoned or developed for residential use, that business or industry shall provide screening along the boundary of the residential property. Screening shall also be provided where a business, parking lot or industry is across the street from a residential zone, but no on that side of a business or industry considered to be the front (as determined by the Zoning Officer).
   (C)   All exterior storage shall be screened. The exceptions are:
      (1)   Merchandise being displayed for sale;
      (2)   Materials and equipment being used for construction on premises;
      (3)   Merchandise located on service station pump islands; and
      (4)   Fuel wood storage.
   (D)   The screening required in this section shall consist of a fence or wall not less than five feet high but shall not extend within 15 feet of any street. The screening shall be placed along property lines or in case of screening along a street, 15 feet from the street right-of-way with landscaping between the screening and the pavement. A fence shall block direct vision. Planting of a type approved by the Planning Commission may also be required in addition to or in lieu of fencing.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991)