§ 152.117  REFUSE.
   (A)   In all districts. All waste material, debris, refuse or garbage shall be kept in an enclosed building or properly contained in a closed container designed for those purposes. The owner of vacant land shall be responsible for keeping the land free of refuse and weeds. Existing uses shall comply with this division (A) within six months following enactment of this chapter. All exterior storage not included as permitted accessory use, a permitted use or included as part of a special use permit, or otherwise permitted by provisions of this chapter, shall be considered as refuse.
   (B)   Incinerators. Any structure or equipment for the burning of trash shall be of a design authorized by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; upon advice from the Zoning Officer, the City Council may require a special use permit for any incinerator.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991)