(A)   In residential districts. All materials and equipment should be stored within a building or fully screened so as to not be visible from adjoining properties except for the following:
      (1)   Off-street parking of passenger automobiles and trucks (less than 26,000 pounds gross weight);
      (2)   Off-street parking of boats, canoes, watercraft, campers, travel trailers and recreational vehicles, as follows:
         (a)   No more than a total of three of the following: a boat, canoe or watercraft of less than 26 feet in length; an unoccupied camper, travel trailer or recreational vehicle of less than 40 feet in length; provided that no personal property is parked closer than 12 feet from any public street curb or edge of a public drivable surface; and
         (b)   No boat, canoe or other watercraft equaling or exceeding 26 feet in length is permitted in an R District; and
         (c)   No unoccupied camper, travel trailer or recreational vehicle equaling or exceeding 40 feet in length is permitted in an R District.
      (3)   Building or construction material for up to one year; and
      (4)   Licensed fish houses if stored in rear yard.
   (B)   In all districts. The Planning and Zoning Commission may require a conditional use permit for any exterior storage if it is demonstrated that the storage is a hazard to the public health, safety, convenience, morals or has a depreciating effect upon nearby property values, or impairs scenic views, or constitutes threat to living amenities.
   (C)   Fuel/wood/storage. In all R and B Districts, outside fuel wood shall be stored according to the following conditions.
      (1)   Outside fuel wood shall not be stored in front yards, except on a temporary basis, not to exceed 45 days. In addition, on a corner lot, outside fuel wood shall not be stored, except on a temporary basis not to exceed 45 days, on the side yard and back yard abutting a street unless the fuel wood is set back from the street, the distance that the house or garage is set back from that street.
      (2)   Fuel wood shall not encroach upon rights-of-way or sidewalks.
      (3)   Except for temporary storage not to exceed 45 days outside fuel wood shall not exceed four feet in length.
      (4)   Outside fuel wood piles shall not exceed six feet in height.
      (5)   Outside fuel wood piles shall be neat in appearance, free from unreasonable infestation of rodents or other pests, and shall be securely piled in a safe manner so as to prevent falling over. The determination as to this condition shall initially be made by the Zoning Officer, who shall give ten days’ written notice of the determination prior to issuing any citation. The notice shall also provide that the owner may appeal the determination to the Zoning Board of Adjustment by filing written notice of appeal with the office of City Clerk-Treasurer within the ten-day period.
      (6)   Any property owner may request a conditional use permit, as provided for in § 152.066, to request relief from the strict compliance with any provisions of this division (C).
      (7)   Any fuel wood storage in existence as of the effective date of this section, which does not comply with the provisions of this section, must be removed or other wise placed in compliance with these provisions on or before August 1, 1986.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991; Ord. 172, passed 3-22-2005)