(A)   Purpose. The Conservancy District is established to preserve and perpetuate in an open state, certain areas, such as wetlands, marshes, woodlands and other areas of aesthetic and scenic value which, because of their physical features, are desirable as water retention areas, natural habitat for plant and animal life, green space or are being used for public purposes.
   (B)   Permitted uses. The following uses are permitted as a right in the CD Conservancy District:
      (1)   Outdoor recreational uses operated by a governmental agency or conservation group, homeowners or private association and facilities for making same useful to public or association. Public lands, schools, parks and municipal buildings;
      (2)   Open space areas connected with residential, commercial and industrial planned unit development;
      (3)   Conservation uses including drainage control, forestry, wildlife sanctuaries and facilities for making same available and useful to public;
      (4)   Cemeteries; and
      (5)   Nature study areas and arboretums.
   (C)   Conditional uses. Farm residences; single-family non-farm residences; general farming and related buildings; horticulture; field crops; dairying; accessory buildings; kennel. A conditional use permit for a single-family non-farm residence will not be required if a lot area is 35 acres or more and has a minimum lot width of at least 600 feet.
   (D)   Permitted accessory uses. Private garages; home occupations; carports; fences; residential recreation equipment; off-street parking; nameplate signs; gardening and other horticultural uses where no sale of products is conducted within a building; decorative landscape features; and the keeping of not more than two boarders or roomers by a resident family.
   (E)   Minimum lot area and yard requirements.
      (1)   Lot size requirements.
Minimum lot area
5 acres
Minimum lot width
100 feet
      (2)   Yard regulations.
Front yard
75 feet from centerline of public road
Rear yard
50 feet
Side yards
40 feet or 75 feet corner lot from centerline of a public road
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991; Ord. 175, passed 3-28-2006; Ord. 184, passed 3-11-2008)