(A)   Permitted uses. Within any I-1 Industrial District, no structure or land shall be used except for the sale, manufacturing, fabricating or processing of the following articles or operations:
      (1)   Automobile repair - major;
      (2)   Belting and chain conveyors;
      (3)   Billboards and signs;
      (4)   Blacksmithing;
      (5)   Boat building, repair and storage;
      (6)   Builder’s or contractor’s yards, farm machine sales, feed sales, bulk firewood sales, dirt, sand, gravel and rock sales, heavy equipment sales, provided any operations are enclosed by a solid wall or fence not less than six feet in height and not located less than 100 feet from any residential district;
      (7)   Cabinet and carpentry shop, electrical, plumbing, heating and air condition shops;
      (8)   Canvas and canvas goods;
      (9)   Concrete block plant, concrete mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant;
      (10)   Electric motors, generators, transformers and controls;
      (11)   Electric power generating plant;
      (12)   Heat treating and plating;
      (13)   Housing, manufacture;
      (14)   Products made of glass, cellophane, leather, plastic and wood;
      (15)   Motor fuel stations;
      (16)   Railroad sidings, spurs, depots and yards;
      (17)   Stone, marble and granite grinding and cutting;
      (18)   Trade schools;
      (19)   Truck storage or maintenance shops;
      (20)   Warehousing, including commercial storage and noncommercial or personal storage;
      (21)   Television towers and radio towers;
      (22)   Wood fuel processing; and
      (23)   Saw mills, planing mills or kilns.
   (B)   Conditional use permit. Within any I-1 District, no structure or land shall be used for the following uses except by conditional use permit:
      (1)   Acetylene manufacturing;
      (2)   Acid manufacturing;
      (3)   Asbestos manufacturing;
      (4)   Automobile reduction yard;
      (5)   Boiler shops, machine shops, roundhouses where hammers or presses of 20-ton rated capacity are used;
      (6)   Concrete block plants, ready-mix;
      (7)   Disinfectant and insecticide or poison manufacturing;
      (8)   Dye and dye stuff manufacturing;
      (9)   Explosive materials;
      (10)   Emery cloth or sandpaper manufacturing;
      (11)   Flammable liquid storage;
      (12)   Foundry, casting lightweight non-ferrous metals;
      (13)   Junk yard;
      (14)   Lime or lime products;
      (15)   Planing mill, lumber mill and veneer manufacturing;
      (16)   Ready-mix and concrete block plants;
      (17)   Waste incinerators;
      (18)   Structures in excess of 40 feet in height; and
      (19)   Adult entertainment uses.
   (C)   Permitted accessory uses. Within any I-1 Industrial District, the following uses shall be permitted accessory uses:
      (1)   Signs as regulated in this chapter;
      (2)   Residential structures for security when related to a principal use; and
      (3)   Exterior storage.
   (D)   Lot area, heights, lot width and yard requirements.
      (1)   Side yards abutting a street on a corner lot shall not be less than 20 feet in width.
      (2)   Where a use has railroad trackage abutting the side or rear of a site, a variance may be granted to the side or rear yard requirements to provide for a railroad loading facility.
      (3)   Front yard shall not be less than 35 feet.
      (4)   Side yard shall not be less than 20 feet.
      (5)   Lot area shall not be less than 15,000 square feet.
      (6)   Lot width shall not be less than 100 feet.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991; Ord. 131, passed 7-25-1995; Ord. 163, passed 7-22-2003)