(A)   Purpose. To provide for and encourage compact center for retail sales and services by grouping businesses in patterns of workable relationships; to minimize the blighting influence on surrounding residential neighborhoods by limitations and control of uses permitted; to exclude highway oriented and other business that will tend to disrupt the shopping center or its circulation patterns, or tend to disturb neighborhood stability.
   (B)   Permitted uses. Within a B-1 Business District, no building or land shall be used except for one or more of the following uses:
      (1)   Retail shopping uses - stores and shops selling household goods over the counter or selling personal services. Included are stores selling:
         (a)   Antiques;
         (b)   Apparel shops;
         (c)   Appliance sales and service;
         (d)   Art and school supplies;
         (e)   Auto accessories and parts when conducted entirely within an enclosed building, but not including vehicle maintenance shops;
         (f)   Bakery or pastry shops selling retail only;
         (g)   Off-sale liquor;
         (h)   Bicycles;
         (i)   Barber or beauty shops;
         (j)   Book or stationery store;
         (k)   Building materials that are within completely enclosed buildings;
         (l)   Candy, ice cream, soft drinks or confectionery stores excluding drive-in type stores;
         (m)   Cameras, photographic supplies, photographic studios and video and tape rentals;
         (n)   Carpets, rugs and floor covering;
         (o)   China and glassware;
         (p)   Clothing (including dressmaking, millinery and tailor shops);
         (q)   Costume and formal wear rental;
         (r)   Delicatessens;
         (s)   Dry cleaning, laundry collection stores, laundromats, tailor shops;
         (t)   Dry goods;
         (u)   Florist shop;
         (v)   Food stores;
         (w)   Frozen foods and meat market, but not including locker plants or meat slaughter houses;
         (x)   Furniture, upholstering, picture framing, interior decorating studios;
         (y)   Garden supplies (year round operations only);
         (z)   Gifts and novelty stores;
         (aa)   Hardware and sporting goods;
         (bb)   Hobby supplies;
         (cc)   Jewelry, time pieces, silverware;
         (dd)   Leather goods and luggage;
         (ee)   Musical instruments, records, television, radio, hi-fi and the like;
         (ff)   Office supplies and equipment;
         (gg)   Paint and wallpaper and related material;
         (hh)   Pets and pet supplies provided it is operated in a manner as to cause no offensive noise or odor;
         (ii)   Post office;
         (jj)   Sewing center, machine sales, sewing classes, yard goods;
         (kk)   Shoe store and repair;
         (ll)   Sporting goods; and
         (mm)   Theaters, excluding drive-in type.
      (2)   Banks and financial institutions;
      (3)   Clubs or lodge;
      (4)   Medical and dental offices and laboratories;
      (5)   Hotels and motels;
      (6)   Offices, business and professional libraries;
      (7)   Public and private utility uses;
      (8)   Mortuary and funeral homes;
      (9)   Temporary sales, such as Christmas tree lots;
      (10)   Drug stores;
      (11)   Department stores;
      (12)   Discount stores;
      (13)   Variety stores;
      (14)   Service station (motor fuel station and automobile repair - minor);
      (15)   Recreational facilities; and
      (16)   Restaurants (Class 1) and catering.
   (C)   Uses by conditional use permit. Within a B-1 Retail Business District, no building or land shall be used for one or more of the following uses except by conditional use permit:
      (1)   Accessory buildings and structures;
      (2)   On-sale liquor;
      (3)   Assembly, convention or lodge hall;
      (4)   Restaurants (Class 2) with live entertainment;
      (5)   Dwelling units provided the units do not occupy the first floor;
      (6)   Open sales lots provided:
         (a)   The lot is surfaced and graded according to a plan submitted by the applicant and approved by the City Engineer;
         (b)   The assembly, repair or manufacture of goods shall not occur within the open sales lot; and
         (c)   There is located thereon a building devoted to and used in the sales which is at least as large in floor area as the occupation and use.
      (7)   Animal hospitals and pet shops;
      (8)   Schools for music, dance or business;
      (9)   Banks with drive-in facilities; and
      (10)   Drive-in photo processing pick-up.
   (D)   Permitted accessory uses. Within a B-1 Retail Business District, the following shall be permitted accessory uses:
      (1)   Any incidental repair, processing or storage necessary to conduct a permitted principal use, but not to exceed 30% of the floor space of the principal building;
      (2)   Decorative landscape features;
      (3)   Off-street loading;
      (4)   Parking for permitted and conditional use;
      (5)   Signs as regulated herein; and
      (6)   Buildings temporarily located for purposes of construction on the premises for a period not to exceed completion of construction.
   (E)   Height, lot coverage and minimum lot area regulations.
      (1)   Height regulations. No building shall hereafter be erected or structurally altered to exceed two stories or 25 feet in height.
      (2)   Yard regulations.
         (a)   Front yard regulations. There shall be a front yard having a depth of not less than 40 feet.
         (b)   Side yard regulations.
            1.   Buildings located on a corner lot shall have a side yard setback of not less than 30 feet from the street;
            2.   Buildings located on interior lots shall have a side yard setback of not less than ten feet; and
            3.   Except that no building shall be located within 75 feet of any side lot line abutting a lot in any of the classes of residential districts.
      (3)   Rear yard regulations.
            1.   There shall be a rear yard having a depth of not less than 30 feet; and
            2.   Except that no building shall be located within 75 feet of any rear lot line abutting a lot in any of the classes of residential districts.
      (4)   Lot coverage regulations. Not more than 35% of the lot or plot area shall be occupied by buildings.
      (5)   Lot area regulations. The minimum area of land to be included in a B-1 Retail Business District shall be at least 20,000 square feet.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991; Ord. 116, passed 11-12-1991; Ord. 137, passed 5-28-1996; Ord. 144, passed 2-11-1997; Ord. 172, passed 3-22-2005),