§ 152.052  FLOOD CONTROL.
   (A)   Floodway District regulations (permitted uses).
      (1)   All buildings, structures, construction grading and deposits that are essential to the operation of the city such as bridges, sewer outfalls, power and telephone line supports and other service structures; and
      (2)   Non-damageable or low damage potential type of uses, such as agriculture, parking lots, park, recreation areas and docking facilities. Mineral resources and extraction operations.
   (B)   Floodplain District regulations (permitted uses). All buildings, structures, construction, grading and deposits that are permitted under the primary zoning classification:
      (1)   Provided that no residence or place of abode shall be constructed unless the ground upon which the residence and the entire access drive to the public street shall, prior to or at the time of the construction, be raised to an elevation not less than one foot above the design flood elevation as shown on the zoning maps and the first floor of the residence shall not be less than three feet above the design flood elevation;
      (2)   No basement floor shall be constructed to an elevation lower than the design flood elevation unless the basement has been designed to withstand pressure from water at the design flood elevation and certified by a registered engineer with the condition being made a part of the building permit; and
      (3)   No street grades shall be placed at a lower elevation than the design flood elevation. Filling or excavating of land or pumping water into or out of water bodies may be permitted subject to the approval of the City Council. Construction of street, residences and other buildings at elevations below design flood elevations may be permitted if adequate flood protection is provided. Any flood protective works must be approved in writing by the City Council prior to the granting of building permits.
   (C)   Issuance of zoning permits.
      (1)   Before a zoning permit shall be issued for a building, structure, construction, grading or deposit in a floodway or floodplain, the applicant must provide: an executed application form for zoning permits; all plans, exhibits and certification required by the chapter; and the written approval of other governmental agencies if required by the chapter.
      (2)   This permit would be issued with the condition that before a permit would be issued for the structure or use, the applicant would be required to furnish a certification from a registered engineer that the elevation of the structure and the site meet all requirements of the zoning regulations.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991)