(A)   The purpose of this section of the zoning regulations is to provide a method by which parcels of land in the R District having unusual building characteristics due to sub-soil conditions, elevation of water table, water area, wooded areas, relative location or shape of the parcel may be more efficiently utilized.
   (B)   The owner or owners of any tract of land in the R District may submit to the City Council for approval, a plan for the use and development of a tract of land as a planned development area by making an application for a conditional use permit authorizing completion of the project according to the plan. The plan for the proposed project shall conform to the requirement of the use district within which the land is located except as hereinafter modified.
      (1)   The tract of land for which a project is proposed and a permit requested shall not be less than ten acres.
      (2)   The applicant shall state precisely what in his or her opinion are the unusual characteristics of the site for purposes of justifying the granting of a special permit.
      (3)   The plan shall be submitted in the form of a preliminary plan and in complete conformance with the subdivision regulations.
      (4)   The number of dwelling units proposed for the entire site shall not exceed the total number permitted under density control provision for the use district within which the land is located.
      (5)   The density in the plan should not exceed the maximum for the zoning district and the lot area of any one lot as required within the use district shall not be reduced to less than two-thirds of the required area.
      (6)   All housing types included as permitted uses in all R Districts may be included in the planned development area. Each lot as shown on the plan shall have indicated on it the maximum number of dwelling units to be permitted within a single building.
      (7)   The land which is to be set aside as unbuildable and on which the plan is justified shall be clearly indicated on the plan. Provisions for recreational area and for continual maintenance of that area not dedicated and accepted by the city shall be required.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991)