(A)   Permit required. Every licensed house mover shall, in each and every instance, before raising, holding up or moving any building, obtain a permit thereafter from the Zoning Officer. An application for the permit shall designate the origin and destination of the building, the route over which it is to be moved and shall state the time in which the moving of the building shall be issued. No permit to move a building shall be issued unless and until the following conditions are fully complied with and approved by the Zoning Officer.
      (1)   All sewer charges and water bills payable against the property from which the building is to be moved have been paid and that all sewer and water connections have been plugged or discontinued at the curb line or at the main, that all cesspools, septic tanks and cisterns have been filled, all other hazards have been eliminated and all taxes against the property have been paid in full.
      (2)   The building to be moved must comply in all respects with all other laws and other applicable ordinances; provided, that the person proposing that the building be moved may present to the Zoning Officer complete and detailed plans showing changes which will be made in order to attain compliance with the ordinances. In the event that the changes are proposed, a permit authorizing the moving of the building shall not be issued until the owner has agreed in writing to complete the necessary changes within a period of one year, the Zoning Officer has approved the plans, the building permit fee has been paid and the building permit issued, and a performance bond guaranteeing completion of the changes, and equal to at least one and one-half times the cost of the proposed work as estimated by the Zoning Officer has been posted with the city.
      (3)   Upon compliance with divisions (A)(1) and (A)(2) above, the Zoning Officer, licensee and applicant shall submit the application to the Planning Commission for approval and recommendations to the City Council at the next stated meeting of the Commission. The Planning Commission shall determine whether the application shall conform to the immediate surrounding community. The Planning Commission in its discretion shall call a public meeting of resident owners within a radius of 500 feet from subject property owners review of the proposed application. The Planning Commission will determine the application on its merits and make its recommendations to the Council.
   (B)   Electrical correction requirements.
      (1)   In every case in which a permit shall be issued, as herein provided, for the removal required or the displacement of any overhead electrical or other wires, it shall be the duty of the person, association or corporation owning, operating or controlling the wires to remove or displace the same, so far as the same may be necessary to effect the removal thereof, shall be authorized by the permit.
      (2)   The person to whom the permit shall have been issued shall notify the person, association or corporation owning, operating or controlling the wire to remove or displace the same to facilitate the removal of the building, and shall at the same time exhibit to the person, association or corporation the properly issued permit authorizing the removal of the wires sufficiently to allow the passage of the building along the street over which the wires are suspended.
      (3)   Any expenses incurred or to be incurred in the moving, removing or displacing of the wire shall be paid for by the person who makes application for the permit.
   (C)   Railroad and bridge requirements. No building shall be moved across any railroad or bridge, unless the hour be specified and approved by the company or governmental unit controlling the tracks or bridge.
   (D)   Additional requirements. Any person, firm, association or corporation desiring to move any building to within the limits of the city from outside of the limits shall comply with the following additional requirement:
      (1)   Notify the Zoning Officer of the city during the process of the construction of the building in sufficient time so that the Zoning Officer may make all necessary inspections in order to determine whether the building complies with the applicable ordinances of the city;
      (2)   The applicant, at the time of application for a permit, shall pay to the City Clerk-Treasurer the sum of $10 for each house to be moved in the city. The sum shall be retained by the city whether or not a permit is granted to the applicant; and
      (3)   The Zoning Officer is hereby authorized and required to make the inspections provided for herein upon compliance with the foregoing requirements.
(Ord. 110, passed 4-23-1991)  Penalty, see § 152.999